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What is Functional Medicine?

A Word From Dr. Lindgren . . .

Sickness takes time. Recovery also takes time. Let’s commit to taking this journey back to your optimal health together.


If you’re like a lot of my patients, you are sick and tired. Sick of being sick and tired of spending money on not getting well. I hear you. Being sick sucks, spending money on something that doesn’t work out sucks too. I didn’t go into medicine to fail - I went into medicine to help people heal. It was actually far bigger than that - I wanted to help those failed by the conventional system - the complex patients - the ones that took true investigative work to sort out and innovative thinking to put back together. The patients that fell through the cracks and were left behind.


My commitment to you is 110% of my time, knowledge, and resources. I am dedicated to discovering what is wrong and employing my best strategies at making things right again. Making things right for YOU as a person, not a disease. Because that is what you are - a human being who deserves thoughtful and individualized medical care. I promise to do everything in my power to get you well again.


What I ask in return is this: Time.


You didn’t get sick overnight. We both know no one outside the Almighty will fix all that is broken in the blink of an eye. Few physicians share the tenacity I have at accomplishing this mission, because I believe many of them give up too quickly.


Why am I writing this? I’m writing this to the patients who give up when the solution to their illness is more than just ‘one easy fix’. I am writing this to the patients that throw their hands up after one or two visits convinced this is one more thing that was destined to fail.


Please look at what you’ve been through. Don’t give up now. Don’t give up ever. It might take us 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, but I will never give up if I know I have something left to offer you as a patient - and every patient I have.


Please remember what brought you here. Please know that restoring wellness can take time. Your body has an ability to heal beyond what any physician can possibly understand. Whether that time is spent working with me and my team or with someone else’s, I ask every patient to set reasonable expectations for your individual road to recovery. It might be fast. It might be painfully slow.


The most important message I can send is this: You CAN be well again if you never give up on yourself.

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All Paths Lead to Disease
One Condition, Many Causes - Many Causes, One Condition


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