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Long-Haul COVID

Learn More About Long-Haul COVID

Many symptoms related to COVID-19 are experienced long after recovering from the virus.




Estimates vary, but surveys suggest that one in five people are still dealing with COVID related symptoms weeks after their initial infection.


An estimated one in seven people are still struggling with symptoms three months after the fact and more than 70% of those who had COVID-19 were still experiencing at least one persistent symptom 60 days later.


Some people who have had COVID-19 may go on to have long standing symptoms including the following:


- Brain fog

- Extreme fatigue

- Shortness of breath

- Chest pain

- Heart palpitations

- Rapid heart rate

- Loss of taste or smell

- Depression

- Anxiety


If you have had COVID-19 and are still experiencing symptoms weeks after infection you may have long COVID, and your symptoms should not be ignored. Discuss further investigation into these ongoing symptoms with one of our healthcare providers.

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Dr. Kristen Lindgren has helped many patients manage persistent symptoms following acute infection and regain their health with individualized treatment plans.

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"Sickness takes time. Recovery also takes time. Let’s commit to taking this journey back to your optimal health together."  Dr. Lindgren

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