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As the oldest sibling in my family and mother of three small children, caring for others is something that has always come naturally to me. I began my career as a Certified Nursing Assistant which started me on my path to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. While working as a Certified Nursing Assistant I continued to further my education in the healthcare field. In 2009 I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Bellin College. I enjoyed working as a Registered Nurse for a few years before returning to school again, this time to complete my Master of Science in Nursing degree in 2014 at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Working as a Nurse Practitioner has been a rewarding experience as it has allowed me the opportunity to do what I enjoy most, caring for others. I have experience working in family practice, psychiatric care, urgent care, and hematology/oncology. Throughout my professional journey, I have learned first-hand the limitations traditional healthcare has for providing its patients with the care they seek. My goal is to use my experience as a provider to help those patients with chronic health conditions find the root cause of their symptoms. I recognize the importance of both prevention and optimal treatment and work closely with my patients to provide them with the personalized care they deserve, taking them from illness to wellness.

Kayla Guns, APNP

"Sickness takes time. Recovery also takes time. Let’s commit to taking this journey back to your optimal health together."  Dr. Lindgren

Here Is What Our Patients Have To Say About Kayla...

"I’m 58 and I got Covid and it really attacked my lungs. I got to the point where any activity resulted in shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. I saw several doctors and a pulmonologist and was prescribed inhalers and prednisone. My symptoms did lessen but I still couldn’t do what I once could. I was a very active person and now a walk to my mailbox was a good day. I put on weight and acquired high blood pressure. I woke every day with a headache and felt hung over even though I didn’t drink. My hot flashes seemed to have increased and all I wanted to do was sleep. I could sleep 18 hours a day. I was depressed and lost hope that I would ever feel better. I heard about Lindgren Functional Medicine quite by accident and was skeptical and without my insurance covering it, I was quite nervous. Fast forward one month. I can breath! No more hot flashes! No more headaches or feeling like I’m hung over! Kayla Guns is my personal cheerleader always saying “We got this Sue” and boy was she right. When I first entered her office she handed me a tissue when I cried and at my last visit gave me a hug as we celebrated. Kayla and I have some things to tweek yet so I can lose some weight and gain some energy but I have no doubt that in a few months I will be the person I was before Covid. Thank you Lindgren Functional Medicine and God Bless you Kayla!"

Sue Waschbisch

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