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Dangerous Chemicals in Cosmetics - Endocrine Disruptors

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Do You Know What Chemicals You Are Putting on Your Skin?

Chemicals in Cosmetics
2023 Best Natural Cleanest Makeup Brands According To The Environmental Work Group

Best Natural Cleanest Makeup Brands of 2023 Here is the list of the top 12 natural cleanest makeup brands, some of which were founded nearly 2 decades ago to the ones that came into being recently.

(Click on the following for more information.) 1. 100% Pure 100% Pure is a makeup and skincare brand that uses fruits like berries, plants, and seed extracts like essential oils to produce highly pigmented makeup items like lip colors and cheek tints. Additionally, they have a wide range of foundation, eyebrow gels, face powders, highlighters, and pallets.

These cruelty-free products are vegan and come in recyclable jars to save the earth. Enrichment of 100% pure products with essential vitamins and antioxidants helps to keep the skin glowy and smooth naturally. Furthermore, this affordable brand is not heavy on the pocket and doesn't have dangerous endocrine disruptors. 2. Zao Organics 4 friends, all loving nature and believing in the use of natural ingredients for ageless smooth skin and wanting to work to save the environment develop an organic, natural, clean, and sustainable makeup brand, Zao Organics.

Its refillable vegan products include mineral powders, foundations, face creams, concealers, blushes, lipsticks, lip inks, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow gels, and more. You are likely to find all makeup products in their lineup. 3. ILIA Beauty ILIA Beauty is a clean beauty brand for people with sensitive skin. It's lightweight, scent-free, and the dermatologist-tested formula does not clog pores and makes the skin bright and improves skin texture. It's all true serum foundation is perfect for. People who do want a light to medium coverage with an even skin tone and blurred pores.

Additionally, its cruelty-free vegan products are packed in eco-friendly sustainable bottles. So, it is one of the top makeup brands with USDA certification which uses pure and natural plant-based ingredients. 4. Well People Well People is a natural clean makeup brand for women who like to keep their makeup basic and prefer no-makeup looks. This cruelty-free, vegan, and EWG-verified brand with sustainable packaging is known for the buildable coverage and pretty shades its products offer.

Moreover, it is pocket-friendly and offers mineral-pigmented mascara and SPF moisturizers. You can find Well People makeup products easily at Target and drug stores making sure that you never run out of your go-to everyday clean makeup products. 5. Lawless Beauty Lawless Beauty is one of the cleanest makeups offering flawless beauty with highly pigmented products, chic colors, lush appearance, and long-lasting products. Plumping line lipstick and lip gloss, forget the Filler lip balm and lip mask, winter beach bundle, brow dou, creamy brow wax, and Daisy Girl collection are its best seller products.

These products are enriched with mica, shea butter, corn starch, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. So, it is free of parabens, PEGS, and carcinogens making it harmless and safe for topical application on the skin. 6. Kosas Cosmetics If you are new to makeup or would like something other than thick matte face products, Kosas Cosmetics is the brand for you. This botanical-based ingredients brand has a wide range of shades in their foundations, cream blushes, highlighters, lip colors, and concealers. One of its innovative products is Kosas tinted face oil foundation. So, you are most likely to find a charming shade for yourself. Although it is not an organic brand, its products use safe synthetics while avoiding up to 30,000 ingredients that might prove harmful to the skin. 7. Lovinah Supernatural Cosmetics Lovinah supernatural cosmetics produces natural products based on ancient African makeup and skincare. So, they are suitable for dark skin tones and work on preventing premature aging, uneven skin tone, and hormonal issues. It is basically a skincare brand but its makeup products are also top-notch.

Best of its makeup items include Nilotica lip serum, Goddess Glow Pellete, and liquid eyeliner. Also, its packaging provides an ethnic and luxurious appearance. 8. CODEX Labs CODEX Labs is a clean brand from its manufacturing to its packaging. Its raw material is obtained from wild plants and herbs, it is preserved through a food-grade system, and it is packed in biodegradable plant-derived polyethene tubes. Additionally, it is Clinically-tested and COMOS-certified.

It is more of a skincare than a makeup brand because of its hydrating, skin nourishing, pore-minimizing, and sebum control formulation. Furthermore, its popular products include Bia Hydrating Skin Superfood and Bia Nourishing Face Oil. 9. Au Naturale Cosmetics Who says that natural clean makeup needs to be in soft and mild shades? Au Naturale Cosmetics produces makeup items, especially lipsticks in gorgeous, attractive, and dark colors. It is a non-toxic, paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan, USDA-certified, gluten-free, and entirely organic brand that formulates all its products under strict supervision in its laboratory.

So, you will notice how your skin becomes flawless and healthy after using its products. In addition to lipsticks, it has highly pigmented eyebrow pencils as well. All of its products are long-wear and durable and come in several shades. 10. Inika Organic Cosmetics Inika Organic Cosmetics is a 100% natural, 70% organic, and 100% vegan brand that is also certified by COSMOS. From skincare products like cleansers and exfoliators to basic makeup items including BB creams, foundation, lips & cheek cream, mascara, and more. This wholly organic brand uses botanicals and minerals derived from the earth. Its natural primer improves the health of the skin while making it all prepared for a flawless makeup finish. Also, it is a luxury organic makeup brand. So, you can expect its prices to be a little higher than other clean brands. 11. Juice Beauty The cruelty-free, vegan, and natural makeup brand Juice Beauty is a USDA-certified organic brand known to use natural ingredients like coconut alkanes as a replacement for synthetic infusions like silicones. Additionally, Juice Beauty uses fruit juices, tree stem extracts, natural aloe gels, and plant oils in its products. This natural formulation keeps the coverage of makeup products the same while providing enhanced quality. Juice Beauty offer serum foundations, Stem CC cream, tinted moisturizer, mascara, eyeliners, setting powders, blushes, and more. However, they are only available in a few limited shades. 12. RMS Beauty RMS Beauty is founded by a famous makeup artist Rose Marie Swift for people of all ages from teenagers to older adults with mature skin. Its organic, food-grade, non-toxic, non-GMO, and natural ingredients are full of micronutrients like vitamin E and essential oils like castor oil. Phthalates More plastic poison here. I still can’t spell this ridiculous word correctly so I will soon petition Meriam-Webster to simply remove it from their dictionary. PHTHALATES are EDCs that make plastic ‘more plasticky’. Yep. So, in some instances, they make plastics harder to break, in others they make plastics more “loosey goosey”. Either way they are bad -bad-bad. Like bisphenols, they’re everywhere – nail polish, shampoo, deodorant, perfume, hairspray... They are literally referred to as “the everywhere chemical”. Anything that smells pretty or has a fragrance, likely contains a phthalate. Parabens Parabens are poisonous preservatives and antimicrobials which look almost identical to estrogen. Here again, BANNED by every other country on the planet, but ‘ok’ to use here in the US. Parabens saturate the cosmetic industry. They are used for their antimicrobial properties to extend the shelf life of your make-up. Seriously, when was the last time you purchased foundation? Concealer? 1987? Looks, the same, doesn’t it? Parabens easily penetrate skin, bind to estrogen receptors, and wreak all sorts of hormonal havoc. Or cause cancer. Look – poison has a dose. A little poison is one thing but putting poison directly onto your skin day after day, year after year...well, it’s just begging for problems. Paraben content isn’t particularly covert. If it sounds like or contains the word ‘paraben’, don’t use it.

· Methylparaben

· Ethylparaben

· Propylparaben

· Butylparaben

· Heptylparaben

· Isobutylparaben

· Isopropylparaben

· Benzylparaben

The cosmetic industry is a mess. If eating and drinking plastics doesn’t kill you, your make-up is going to try. Check out the link below for info on clean or at least ‘cleaner’ cosmetic products. What Cosmetic Products Contain Phthalates, Parabens, & Other Harmful Toxins? Honestly, the list is long! The non-profit organization, The Environmental Work Group (EWG) offers a comprehensive guide to safer personal care products such as:

· Makeup

· Nails

· Face & Body

· Personal Care

· Hair

· Fragrances

· Sun Care

· Men’s & Women’s Products They have examined:

· 91,335 Products

· 3,117 Brands

· 2,185 EWG Verified™ Products

Visit their website to learn more. Conclusion Makeup does not need to be full of harmful chemicals and ingredients that will dry out your skin, make it age prematurely, increase its texture, and open pores in the long run. So, clean beauty products are manufactured with natural, safe synthetic, plant-based ingredients that are full of vitamins, minerals, and oils skin needs to stay hydrated, healthy, smooth, and glowing. But if you have been worried about which brands claiming to be clean are worth your trust, we have made a list for you. Although several other brands are also clean and natural, these are the top 12 natural clean brands of 2023.


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